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News & Event


In March 2017 Ven. Lama Samdup was invited by M.O.S.T pro Tibet to visit Czech for give speech on moral ethics and life in Himalaya.


In the month of September the organization Nanja Tree Die Vie and Le Mont Dore vinvited to Monks of Spiti for creat manadala for world peace at city hall Le Mont Dore France, we did with successfuly world peace manadala in France. And many people prayed peace in world and many more did for unify the world.


December 5th 2014 - Temporary relocation for winter time of the Spiti Nunnery nuns to Rewalsar(Tso Pema). Nuns will stay there for 6 months in a 3 rooms rented appartment. The pictures depicts nuns writing thank you letters for the sponsors who helped them relocate to Rewalsar for the winter time.


November 1st 2014 - Primary School in Demul has no stable location. It runs in a rented house. So far we are looking for sponsors who they may help us in building a location for this school.


Teachers in Demul Primary School handling out books and backpacks for new students.


H.E. Khangsar Shabdrung Rinpoche was teaching The Thirty Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva May-June 2014 at Spiti Nunnery in Kaza.


H.E. Ratna Vajra Rinpoche visiting Sakya Nunnery in Kaza August 9 2013. On this occasion were confered Arya Tara and Manjushri empowerments.

Rinpoche is welcomed to the empowerment site.


A rainbow surrounding the sun followed the empowerment conclusion



Tsechen Choeling Nunnery

The cost of building and all details of donors and supports will be updated soon...


Construction progress of Summer 2010.



Succesfull installation of Hand pump.

Two new nuns joined.
  Pema Samdup watering the new plant
This year we planted total 108 trees as we followed the advice of H.Holiness The Dalai lama and H.Holiness The Sakya Trizin
Tractor and JCP being used for the preparation of foundation of Nunnery
  Nunnery foundation being made
Dr. Ramlal Markanda hon'ble M.L.A District Lahoul & Spiti visited the site of Sapan Foundation on 17th April 2010.
Monk dance in Swiss and english teaching program in Spiti has been cancelled for a while.
Ven. Meme Lotey Zangpo, vice president of SFD, and Secretary is going to visit Mr. Jean Paul Lon, the Director of Gedun Drukpa Buddhist center in Switzerland.


In 2009 H.H. the Dalal Lama visited Spiti Sakya Monastery. During his speech, he advised Spiti people for tree plantation as many as possible. In the end of 2009, monk Pema Samdup was blessed by H.H. the Dalai Lama at Dharamshala. H.H. asked monk Pema Samdup about the tree plantation in cold desert place "Spiti". Since then we are trying tree plantation, but due to lack of funds we couldn't carry out it in large scale. Recently we applied The Regional Director of SOIR IM Rajpur Dehradun for funding tree plantation project.

We started tree plantation on 15th June 2011 and H.E. Khangsar Shabdrung Rinpoche laying the first seed towards tree plantation program for Sapan Foundation.



Westerner volunteers helping to setup the greenhouse at Gowang Tsechen Choeling.

On Date, this year Nunnery work carries on in the month of May and Mr. Tanpa (Government contractor) will be responsible for labour at the project site.
On Date, Ven. Lobzang, monk from Zongsar College Bir, and Ven. Gatuk Chophel, monk at Vajra Yana Institute in Dehra Dun went to Lumbini (Birth place of Lord Buddha) Nepal to participate in Sakya Monlam Chenmo and also collected Donations for the Nunnery construction In Spiti. We really admire these two young monks for their efforts.
On Date, Pema Samdup and Padma Dorje sent newsletters and fresh photo of work site to all supporter of Foundation.
On Date, Site work is closed till next year, because of cold weather, and same Date Pema Secretary of SFD is in Dehra Dun he visited H.E. Luding Khenchen to beg permission for monk Dance in Swiss, this morning H.E Luding Khenchen Dorje chang granted permission, after observing letter from Lausanne and Geneva. We thank him. Long live His Eminence Luding Khenchen Dorje chang chhok
On Date, today some committee members of the Sapan Foundation gathered and had lunch with Mr. Andrew Starcher Franklin College Switzerland, and Pema briefly explained English teaching mission 2010 in Spiti region, and more detailed explanation will be given in next general assembly meeting, which will be held after 31 March. Today we thanked Andrew Starcher and Franklin College.. For more details please contact us.
On Date, today we bought one new complete tractor for the Nunnery construction
On Date, today 12 monks from the Sakya monastery and member of Sapan Foundation have left to Nepal to make Maha Behrotsana Mandala for peace and calmness’ past and present for all beings. Invited by lama Thubtan Gyaltsen la.
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama bestowed The Grand Avalokitesvara Initiation and Teaching at Sakya Tengyud Monastery, Kaza, Spiti. He also visited and taught on Tibetan Buddhism at Dragkhar Monastery and Tabo Monastery.
Madam Yana Neborakova M.O.S.T. Czech Republic and her friend and Mr. Fred and Mrs. Uli from the Netherlands have come to visit with good message and gifts for Foundation from their organization. We very much appreciate their kindness.
One Date, three nuns of Spiti got admission in Sakya Nunnery in Dehra Dun. We thanks to Ven. Sonam Chogyal la, the Director of Sakya center Dehra Dun to given us this opportunity.
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