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How to Help Us

Make a donation

We promise/ensure you to use your donation wisely towards the greatest need. You may also designate your gift to a specific fund such as building and education and old aged and more.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsoring a child is one of the most worthwhile things that can be done for Spiti children of deprived families who make their living on subsistence farming and survive on a pittance. Sapan foundation has set up a child-sponsoring scheme whereby the sponsor donates an annual sum of Euro 250 per year, via direct debit, to pay for school fees, books and transport.
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We ask for a commitment from the sponsor throughout the child's education.
If you would like to Sponsor a Child, please inform us or mail download our Sponsor-a-Child Standing Order Form and mail it along with your cheque or bank information to

Sponsor a Nun or a Monk

For less than $1 per day, you can provide the basic necessities to a nun. One hundred percent of sponsorship funds go directly to India to support the Nuns and Monks.

Buy our products

Local Spiti women make products for selling through our website as part of their income generating program. Their hand made unique gifts such as socks, hats and gloves and carpet cushion for chair, scarves, are all made by wool. Also for sale: prayer flags, shopping bags, cell phone holders, and more. If you are purchasing gifts for friends and family throughout the year, please consider a gift made with love by the women and girls and also Thangka from Spiti artists and Tibetan artists.


Volunteer for the  English teaching program. We really appreciate Les Amis de la Sapan Foundation + Franklin College Switzerland for helping and sending us a teacher, which gives us an opportunity to learn English.

Planned Giving

Naming the Tibetan Spiti Nuns and the other Projects as a beneficiary in your will is a way to help supporting the next generation of Tibetan Buddhist nuns. You can make a donation in your will, stating that a specific asset, certain dollar amount or percentage of your estate will pass to us. For more information, please email us at info@sapanfoundation.org.

To contribute, please complete the Contribution Form and mail either a cheque or money order or DD made payable to “Sapan Foundation Kaza”. Please write down your name, address, e-mail on the back of your cheque/DD/money order.

Travel with a Monk

Become Member of the Sapan Foundation and visit together with a Buddhist monk all around Spiti and historical sites such as monasteries and temples. We also try to explain all what we know. We like to share with you our knowledge experience. We also welcome people who join our membership through our abroad organizations.

Best time to visit us is June to beginning of September.
If you have plans to visit Spiti, write us at info@sapanfoundation.org

Online Donation

You can send us donations through wire transfer to the following bank account.

A/C Sapan Foundation Kaza Spiti
State Bank of India (S.B.I) Branch Kaza
A/C Number is 11464088862
Swift No:  SBININBB288

Just as the bee in a flower arming neither hue nor scent gather nectar, flies away, So in towns a wise one fares.

If it is necessary to give even one’s body while aspiring to enlightenment, what need is there to mention external objects? Therefore, practicing generosity without hope of reciprocation or (positive) karmic results is the bodhisattvas practice.

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